Polish AI Eperts will Advise the Ministry of Digitization

The Ministry of Digitization, as part of its Top10 strategy, has established the PL/AI Artificial Intelligence for Poland advisory team. Its task will be to develop recommendations for using AI to improve specific areas of the state. It includes two world champions in ICPC team programming, two AI scientists and three managers.

The use of AI can help improve efficiency and optimize processes in public administration. AI is also a massive opportunity for economic advancement and a leap in development for Poland. It now has many computer scientists who play a crucial role in the global AI revolution.

To begin with, the group’s initiators have identified 10 areas where AI has a chance to realistically and measurably improve state operations. These are security, education, public health, effective state and development issues. AI could allow them to become more efficient, eliminate barriers or improve planning.

The AI team expects results in three fields:

First, speeding up analytical work, where AI, by analyzing data faster than humans, can speed up service to citizens. A good example is the issuance of simple formal decisions.

Second, cleaning up thousands of inconsistent regulations that waste citizens’ and officials’ time through unclear laws. AI can catch document inaccuracies and point out what needs to be clarified and made consistent.

Third, strategic planning in state management. AI can quickly conclude demographics, the health system and global trends. It would help make theses about what the state needs to prepare for in a 5-20 year perspective. A separate topic is cyber security.

The AI team

The originator and head of the team is Miron Mironiuk, CEO of Cosmose AI. He will be supported by:

– two world champions in ICPC team programming, Marek Cygan and Tomasz Czajka,

– two AI scientists from Switzerland and the US, Karol Kurach and Kamil Kidzinski,

– and two businesswomen, Agnieszka Mikołajczyk-Barela and Kamila Staryga.

Miron Mironiuk

He is the founder and CEO of Cosmose AI, a $0.5 billion company dedicated to using AI to increase sales since 2014. Miron is currently based in Singapore, serving Asia’s largest markets. He has been associated with the Ministry of Digitization since September 2023. At that time, under its auspices, he launched a pilot program to teach programming in elementary school, “Programming = Our Second Language.”

Agnieszka Mikołajczyk-Bareła

She is a Senior AI Engineer developing large language models at Chaptr. Previously, as NLP Team Leader at Voicelab.AI, she led the team that created the TRURL solution.

Kamila Staryga

She is a manager living in California with 15 years of experience in innovation. Kamila specializes in women’s health and artificial intelligence. She is the co-founder of Rita Health. Previously, she worked on life sciences and technology advances at Google X, ATAP and Flo Health.

Marek Cygan

He is a professor at the Institute of Computer Science at the UW, where he heads a research group specializing in robot learning. He is also a co-founder of Nomagic. It’s a startup developing software for intelligent robots for logistics applications. He is the 2007 ICPC world champion.

Tomasz Czajka

He worked in the US for many years. First for Google to optimize computing center infrastructure. Later for SpaceX, creating software for the navigation and control computer of the Crew Dragon rocket. He is the 2003 ICPC world champion.

Karol Kurach

He has been living in Switzerland for 14 years, working on deep neural networks as a researcher. Karol is also the co-author of the intelligent systems used by Gmail and co-founder of the Google Brain research division in Zurich. He also worked at Cosmose AI. Karol is a silver medalist at ICPC 2010.

Lukasz Kidzinski

He is a bioinformatician at Stanford University in California. Lukasz uses AI to collect and analyze data from phones and smartwatches to obtain medically relevant patient information. He founded Saliency AI, a bioinformatics company that uses AI to automate medical imaging processes in clinical trials. In 2020, it was bought out by Clario, an international research organization.

Team members on artificial intelligence

An opportunity for progress

“120 years ago, thanks to the invention of electricity, the US overtook the UK as the world’s most prosperous country. Today, thanks to top engineers, Poland can capitalize on the AI revolution and become one of the world’s 10 wealthiest countries. We are spread worldwide daily, but today, our place is here. It’s time to give our knowledge to the state, and in AI, support is essential,” said Miron Mironiuk.

On the ethical application of AI

“When designing AI technology, it is vital to consider the potential for abuse. By making the voice cloning application available, we are also enabling the activities of criminals who can use the application for phishing. We need to develop appropriate preventive solutions to counter this,” said Agnieszka Mikolajczyk-Barela.

About security in the world with AI

“Poland has fallen victim to cyber-attacks recently, such as the leak of 50,000 PESEL numbers in 2023, for which hackers demanded a ransom. AI in the wrong hands will increase the frequency and severity of these attacks. The state must be prepared for this. It is essential to ensure children’s safety online and protect them from the negative impact of AI,” said Tomasz Czajka.

About AI in healthcare

“AI algorithms analyze medical images to support doctors in making clinical decisions. Based on these, AI systems provide treatment options based on analysis of medical literature and anonymized data. They also make it possible to build an automated system for making appointments and conducting medical interviews. We recommend starting with cancer prevention,” said Lukasz Kidzinski.

About AI in education

“According to the PISA 2023 study of the skills of 15-year-olds, Poland has dropped from 3rd to 8th place in Europe in mathematics. New technologies and AI tools can help level the playing field by bringing the best programs and teaching methods to schools with the lowest results,” Karol Kurach said.

On AI for development

“If we want top-class AI specialists in Poland, we need to invest in computing resources, without which conducting research at the highest level is impossible. We believe constructing a new computing cluster should be combined with a broader program to support AI-based innovations so that Polish companies will have the support to make a qualitative leap in technology,” said Marek Cygan.



  1. DeepL Translator is a powerful next-generation online translation tool based on neural networks. The service supports 26 languages (as of May 2022).
  2. Eleven Labs, the world’s best technology for speech synthesis.
  3. Tomasz Czajka, Flight Software Engineer at SpaceX. He was a member of the team that was the first from Poland to win the 2003 ICPC finals.

TOP-3 on the Polish site (links lead to the English version)

  1. Booksy is the world’s most popular app for booking appointments at hairdressers and beauty salons.
  2. Vasco Translator V4 is a translation device that works online in 150+ countries, speaks 75 languages, and translates captions from photos from 108 in 0.5 sec.
  3. TOP-10 Polish companies in the gamedev sector 2023. The leader is CD Projekt, ahead of Techland and PlayWay.


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